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5380 - Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) nodes removed from cluster need to be added back to the same cluster

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Last Modified Date12/7/2017 2:26 AM
This article describes an issue where 301 redirect that the browser sees is from to which causes a loop.
Problem or Goal
The application should redirect users from to

However, the 301 redirect that the browser sees is from to which causes a loop.

To resolve this issue, edit the default Location Header settings if the node returns a redirect location with the wrong protocol (HTTP/HTTPS), hostname, or port by setting a location!regex or location!replace expression.
  • location!regex - enter a regular expression to match the expected response from the node (a 301/302 redirection). You can use generic characters like (.*) to match parts of the expression
  • location!replace -enter a regular expression using $1 to $9 to redirect the response to a different object

If the location header does not match the location!regex regular expression, then there are a couple oflocation!rewrite options:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Rewrite the hostname to the request "host" header, and rewrite the protocol and port if necessary.
  3. Do not rewrite the hostname. Rewrite the protocol and port if the hostname matches the request's "Host" header (default)

You can set this in the Virtual Server. From the web UI:

Services > Virtual Servers > VS_Name > Edit > Connection Management > Location Header Settings

Note: This applies only to HTTP and HTTPS Decrypted Virtual Servers

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