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KB22344 - Pulse Secure Terminal Services client unable to launch the specified RemoteApp

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 4:26 AM

This article describes the issue of Pulse Secure Terminal Services client being unable to launch the specified RemoteApp.

Problem or Goal

Users receive the following error message:

"Pulse Secure Terminal Services Client could not start the RemoteApp specified. Click OK to exit and retry. If the problem persists, please contact Administrator."


This error occurs when the Windows 2008 Terminal Services RemoteApp feature is used. This is due to the wrong configuration of the RemoteApp alias name or Working Directory, in the Pulse Connect Secure Gateway Terminal Services Session bookmark configuration.

In regards to this article (this is applicable for any wrongly configured RemoteApp), let us consider Calculator as the selected RemoteApp. In the Windows 2008 Terminal Server, there is a specific Alias Name assigned to this application (as shown below). However, while configuring the same on the IVE, if the correct Alias Name (or the correct Working Directory) is not mentioned, the error will occur.

In this example, the Alias Name set in the Terminal Server is calc, but in the IVE it has been wrongly named as calculator.

The following image illustrates the incorrect configuration:


To resolve the issue:

  1. Verify the Alias Name of the RemoteApp in the Windows 2008 Terminal Server as shown below:



    Go to IVE Admin GUI >User Role > Terminal Services.

  3. Under the Session section:

    1. Provide the details for Authentication.

    2. Under Start Application, select the Launch Seamless Window checkbox.

    3. Set the same Alias Name as mentioned in the Terminal Services RemoteApps program. Mention the working directory as:


    4. Click Save Changes.


Users with the above correct settings will be able to launch the RemoteApp without any issues.

For more information, refer to KB22345 - [SSL VPN] How to configure Windows 2008 Terminal Services RemoteApp feature?

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