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KB40152 - Known issues in 8.2

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Last Modified Date10/16/2016 7:05 PM
This article provides a list of known and widespread issues in 8.2 that have the potential to affect many customers.  This is not a complete list of known issues.  Please refer to the 8.2 (latest) release notes for a complete list of known issues.
Problem or Goal
The following is a list of current open issues that you may encounter after upgrading to 8.2.  If you are experiencing an issue with 8.2 that is not listed here or in the most recent version of 8.2 release notes, please open a support case at

DescriptionPRS NumberFix Status Workaround?KB Article
Source IP restrictions do not work with 8.2R1PRS-336843Resolved in 8.2R1.1No 
Virtual Appliance (VA) fails to upgrade from 8.1R7 to 8.2RXPRS-336846No ETADeploy using 8.2 VA package 
Windows Terminal Service bookmark does not work after upgrading to 8.2R1PRS-337010Resolved in 8.2R2Disable client-side logging for Terminal ServicesKB40147
Role mapping rules and policies get deleted when rules are reordered in 8.2R1PRS-337378Resolved in 8.2R1.1Switch to "Classic UI" to reorder rules.
In the new UI set the view option to "Show All" records.
Cannot deploy Pulse 5.1RX via Web to a clean machine with 8.2R1PRS-337378Resolved in 8.2R3 & 8.1R10Preinstall Pulse 5.1RX via MSI or connect to a 8.1RX device before attempting to connect to 8.2RX.KB40154
Java SSH client does not launch with Safari on Mac OS X after upgrading to 8.2R1PRS-337510Resolved in 8.2R3Use HTML5 access for SSH

Longer role names are not completely visible under available roles when creating a resource policyPRS-338476Resolved in 8.2R2Use shorter name for user roles with 16 or less characters 
Windows security prompt appears after upgrading to 8.1R7 and above  No.
Behavior change due to NLA support
RemoteApp is not launching when "Launch seamless window" is enabled on Windows Terminal Services (WTS) bookmarkPRS-337892Resolved in 8.2R3 & 8.1R9No. 

Users and administrators logins fail on PCS 8.2R3/PPS 5.3R3 after the device has been idle for 14 days

 Resolved in 8.2R5 KB40230
Cluster splits due to archiving large files (i.e. user.cfg) in 8.2R1-8.2R5PRS-341063 If archiving user records decrease the frequency of archive or schedule during low usage periods.


Poor performance after upgrade to versions 8.2R1 through 8.2R4


 Resolved in 8.2R5Yes.  See KB40242 for details.KB40242
Known Issues with HTML5 RDP  No.KB40152 
Rewrite: Administrators cannot download DSRecord trace files upon recording on 8.2R7.PRS-350895Resolved in 8.2R7.1NoKB40458
Network Connect (8.2R7):After 90 seconds of tunnel launch, resource access fails for about 60 seconds and recovers automatically.PRS-351573No ETANoKB40523

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