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KB40347 - Pulse desktop client fails to start with Error 1205 "Failed to Setup Virtual Adapter"

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Last Modified Date1/3/2017 6:16 PM
This article provides possible causes and solutions for Pulse Desktop Client fails to start with Error Code 1205 Failed to setup Virtual Adapter
Problem or Goal
Please verify the following virtual adapters are installed and operational.
  • Juniper Network Virtual Adapter
  • Juniper Network Virtual Adapter Manager
If the following adapters do not appear or have a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, please reinstall the Pulse Secure Desktop client again.
  1. From the control panel, navigate to device manager.
  2. From the device manager menu, click on View > Show hidden devices.
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  1. Ensure the following virtual adapters appear
    • Juniper Networks Virtual Adapter
    •  Juniper Networks Virtual Adapter Manager
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Expected behavior:

  • When creating a VPN connection, the Juniper Network Adapter will become visible.
  • After the VPN has been disconnected, the Juniper Network Adapter should turn to a dimmed state.

If the behavior differs and the KB below do not resolve the issue, please open a support case at with the following data:
  • Screenshot of device manager
  • Copy of the Pulse logs (
OS AffectedRoot CaseSolution/KB ID
Windows 8 and BelowMax Num Filters has been reached in registry

KB26656 - Pulse Secure Desktop Client installation fails on Windows PCs due to the maximum number of installed filter drivers

Windows 10 and BelowBFE needs to be installed in order to functionKB40228 - Pulse desktop client fails to start with Error 1205 "Failed to setup virtual adaptor"
Windows 7 Pro SP1 or Windows 8.1 Pro
When attempting to upgrade from 5.0x to 5.2x, users are being prompted for UAC credentials, even though Juniper Installer Service 8.0 is installedKB40222 - Restricted users are unable to upgrade PCS clients although the Installer Service is installed.
Windows 7 and aboveCompatibility issues with Cisco IP Communicator and Pulse Secure Desktop clientKB40351 - Compatibility issues with Cisco IP Communicator and Pulse Secure Desktop client
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