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KB40406 - After Jan 23rd, 2017, Junos Pulse 5.0R7 User Interface (UI) is blank after a Windows machine has been rebooted or restarted.

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Last Modified Date1/24/2017 6:48 PM
This article describes an issue with Junos Pulse client 5.0R7 (Windows version) where the Pulse User Interface (UI) is blank after the machine has been rebooted or restarted.
Problem or Goal

Starting on Jan. 23rd, 2017, if a Windows machine is rebooted or restarted, upon launching the Junos Pulse client, there will not be any connections listed in the Pulse UI as per the example below.  

User-added image

The following error message will occur in the debuglog.log:

dsAccessService.exe dsAccessService p1592 t1C68 verify.cpp:46 - 'dsVerifySignature' 
verifying signature on C:\Program Files\Common Files\Juniper Networks\Connection Manager\
dsAccessService.exe dsAccessService p1592 t1C68 verify.cpp:216 - 'dsHttpVerifyFile()' 
WinVerifyTrust() failed, 0x800B0101
dsAccessService.exe dsAccessService p1592 t1C68 verify.cpp:236 - 'dsVerifySignature' 
verifySignature complete with result 0
dsAccessService.exe dsAccessService p1592 t1C68 accessPluginLoader.cpp:113 - 'AccessService' 
plugin C:\Program Files\Common Files\Juniper Networks\Connection Manager\
ConnectionManagerService.dll, invalid signature

After Jan. 23rd, 2017, Pulse service will fail to start due to an invalid signature.  The signature is considered invalid due to the code signing certificate has reached its expiration date of Jan 23, 2017 and the DLL was not timestamped.  The ConnectionManagerService.dll is responsible for displaying and managing the connections in the Pulse UI and cannot run if it is not considered valid.

This issue will occur when all of the following conditions are met:
  • Issue occurs after Jan 23, 2017.  Prior to Jan 23, 2017 the Junos Pulse client worked as expected.
  • Client Operating System is Windows.
  • Junos Pulse 5.0R7 is installed on the client.  To confirm the version of Pulse on the client PC open the Pulse client and select Help > About.  The version will be displayed as Version 5.0.7.  (Note:  Junos Pulse 5.0RX reached end of support on Aug 31, 2016)

Currently, Pulse Secure has confirmed all versions of Junos Pulse 5.0RX are not affected except Junos Pulse 5.0R7.  We have also confirmed that Pulse Secure Desktop client 5.1R1 to 5.1R7 are not affected. 

To root cause this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Juniper Networks\Connection Manager
  2. Locate the file ConnectionManagerService.dll
  3. Right-click on the file and select Properties
  4. Select the Digital Signatures tab
  5. Select the Juniper Networks certificate and click Details
  6. Under Signer Information the Signing Time field will show Not available instead of an actual time stamp and the below that, the Countersignatures field will be blank.
  7. Click View Certificate and confirm the expiration date of the certificate as 1/23/2017.

User-added image

To resolve this issue, upgrade the Pulse client to one of the following versions:
  • Pulse Secure Desktop 5.1R8 and above
  • Pulse Secure Desktop 5.2R1 and above
Caution!  Before upgrading the Junos Pulse client, please review KB40220 about a known compatibility issue between the Junos Pulse client and PCS server versions.

Deploying Pulse Client

PCS administrators have two mechanisms for deploying the Pulse client.
  1. Installing the Pulse Secure Client on Windows Endpoints Using a Preconfiguration File
  2. Installing Pulse Secure Client from the Web (Refer to Upgrading Pulse Secure client section [pg 68])


Q: Is there any workaround to resolve this issue without upgrading the Pulse client?
A: No.  Each DLL is associated with a specific Pulse client version and cannot be replaced with one that has a valid signature.
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