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KB40544 - Pulse Minimum Client Version Enforcement Feature Overview

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Last Modified Date4/22/2017 12:46 AM
This article provides an overview of the Pulse Minimum Client Version Enforcement feature in PCS OS 8.3.
Problem or Goal
The minimum client version enforcement feature makes it possible for PCS admins to enforce that a minimum version of the Pulse client be installed on the user's system before they can connect with a VPN tunnel to the corporate network.  When enabled from the PCS device, if the version of Pulse is below the minimum version set by the PCS admin, then the user must upgrade the Pulse client in order to connect or stay connected.

This feature is supported in Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) OS 8.3 and up and can be enforced on Mac and Windows endpoints running Pulse desktop 5.2 and up.

Steps to enable Minimum Client Version Enforcement:
  1. Go to Users > Pulse Secure Client > Components

User-added image
  1. Select the option to Enable minimum client version enforcement then specify the minimum version in the field provided in the following format:

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Important Note: The minimum client version entered in the field provided must match the active package on the device or users will not be able to upgrade Pulse and will not be able to connect. 

With Pulse 5.3 and up:
When Windows and Mac users connect with Pulse, if the minimum version on the server is higher than the client is running then user will be prompted to Upgrade or Disconnect and the corresponding action is taken when selected.

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With Pulse 5.2:
When Windows and Mac users connect with Pulse, if the minimum version on the server is 5.3 or higher then the Setup Client will be upgraded to the version that matches the Pulse version being enforced and once connected  displays a warning that "A Required Pulse upgrade must be installed or the current session will be disconnected."  

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Once the user clicks "OK" they are presented with the software upgrade notification and can accept the upgrade by clicking Upgrade or Cancel.

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Important Note: If the upgrade is not triggered within 7 minutes, then the session is automatically disconnected.  Therefore, if the user selects "Cancel" and the upgrade is not triggered then the VPN tunnel will remain connected for 7 minutes and then the user will be disconnected.  The user will need to reconnect and accept the upgrade to stay connected.

With Pulse 5.1 and lower:
If the Windows or Mac user has Pulse desktop 5.1 or lower installed, then the minimum client version enforcement feature will have no effect and an alternate method of compliance should be used, such as Host Checker.

Important Consideration: Although Pulse 5.2 is supported for this feature, the upgrade prompt presented to Pulse 5.2 users relies on the already built-in messaging for this Pulse release and gives the end-user the option to choose "Cancel" when prompted which will disconnect their session after 7 minutes of use.  To avoid end-user confusion it is recommended to deploy Pulse 5.3 with this feature as the upgrade prompt in 5.3 is updated and provides the user with the option to "Upgrade" or "Disconnect".  


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