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KB40204 - Pulse Connect Secure Health Check and System Monitoring Guide

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Last Modified Date5/4/2016 10:35 PM
The Admin UI cockpit graphs show most of the main components usage – CPU and swap memory, and some performance parameters – ramp up rates, and throughput of all the ports. There are safe limits that customers need to watch out for, such as:
  1. CPU utilization (monitored in cockpit): Depending on the load and features used, <80% may be normal in small system with high load, refer to KB15832 at 
  2.  Swap memory utilization (physical memory utilization is not monitored in cockpit): >0% to 5% in 4GB (MAG-SM360 and SA6500 for example) system may be an issue but could be normal in 1GB system if not impacting
  3. State Storage (monitored from cockpit):  >70% may start impacting performance (we support 512MB of cache or state storage)
  4. Logs (monitored from cockpit as Critical Events or from Events log): CRITICAL events need immediate analysis and action
  5. External port OUT throughput (monitored from cockpit): >25MBps on EXT-OUT may be excessive depending on platform, usage, and packet sizes 
  6. Disk (monitored from cockpit): <80% is normal, >80% needs close monitoring, 90% and above is critical

Customer can connfigure SNMP to monitor the health of the device, this has more description of the device resources. Refer to PSC-SNMP-Monitoring-Guide.pdf
Login to the Admin page to view the graph below. 

User-added image
User-added image

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