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14342 - Services Director Cross-grading between old and new SKUs for CSP licenses.

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Last Modified Date4/4/2018 8:34 AM
Scenario: Services Director 17.1 installation, using an "RSSC" license, with an estate of vTMs being licensed with Feature Packs based on "STM-*" SKUs

- in this context means support for license keys starting "RSSC" (for CSP), and the associated "STM-*" SKUs as a base for Feature Packs
New - in this context means support for license keys containing "CSPBASE2" (for CSP), and the associated new SKUs based around the SKU schema as the basis for Feature Packs.
Problem or Goal
In this case, you will be able to install the new "CSPBASE2" license and continue using their existing Feature Packs based on "STM-*" SKUs, including assigning those Feature Packs to new instances.
Note: You will not be able to create new Feature Packs based on STM-* SKUs.
Once the "CSPBASE2" license is installed, you will be able to create Feature Packs based on the new Fixed-Price Hourly or Fixed-Price Monthly SKUs, and apply them to their existing estate of vTMs, replacing the use of Feature Packs based on "STM-*" SKUs.
At some future version of Services Director (TBD), upgrade will be disallowed unless all Feature Packs based on "STM-*" SKUs are unused by and disabled. 
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