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4192 - After adding a second NIC on a Stingray Traffic Manager there are no IP addresses assigned to either NIC when viewed from the console

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Last Modified Date11/30/2017 1:35 AM

This article describes an issue that occurs when a second NIC is added to a Stingray virtual appliance.  When the NIC's are viewed from the console there are no IP addresses assigned to either NIC. 

Problem or Goal
This issue is specific to using ESXi to add a second NIC on a Stingray Traffic Manager.



This issue occurs when adding a second NIC as a different NIC type than the first NIC.  For example, if the first NIC is an e1000 interface and the second NIC is added as a vmxnet interface--when the appliance boots, it causes the NICs to get swapped and the IP addresses get removed. 


If the first NIC is vmxnet then the second NIC needs to be added as a vmxnet NIC as well.  Similarly, if the first NIC is e1000, then add the second NIC as e1000 also.

Note: For better performance, it is recommended to select Enhanced vmxnet as the adapter type. The adapter will be named "vmxnet3" in the vmxnet3 in the appliance vmx file, as shown here:

ethernet1.virtualDev = "vmxnet3"

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