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5384 - vADC Virtual Appliance has different Ethernet Ports: eth0 is e1000 and eth1 is VMXnet3

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Last Modified Date12/3/2017 2:38 AM
This article describes an issue where adding a second NIC adapter for virtual traffic manager on VMWare ESX appears as VMXnet3, but first adapter appears as e1000.
Problem or Goal
After setting up a vADC Traffic Manager VA on VMWare on ESX and adding a second NIC adapter, the vADC has different Ethernet Ports: eth0 is e1000 but eth1 is the VMXnet3.
If the VMWare version is 4.x (no longer supported by VMWare), 

The e1000 Adapter may be changed to VMXNet3 using the following steps:

  1. Shut the STM-VA Host down.
  2. Right-click the STM-VA host in the vSphere4.x UI > Properties.
  3. Navigate to Options > General
  4. Change the Guest OS to: Linux and use the drop-down and select RHEL x 64 or Ubuntu x 64.
  5. Remove the existing e1000 adapter(s) if necessary.
  6. Select Hardware > Add > Ethernet Adapters
  7. Use the drop-down menu to select VMXnet3
Using VMWare version 5.x:
  1. Shut the vADC host down
  2. Right-click the vADC host and click Edit Settings
  3. Select the Hardware tab
  4. Select the e1000 Adapter and click Remove
  5. Click Add
  6. From the list, choose Ethernet Adapter
  7. Click Next
  8. For Adapter Type, select VMXnet3

It can be problematic to have different Ethernet adapter types and this may lead to networking problems such as the VA adapter flip-flopping the startup from eth0 to eth1 and vice-versa. Brocade recommends using the VMXnet3 adapter for stability and performance within ESX and in conjunction with VMWare's Best Practice 

For more information, please see

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