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5751 - Need to restrict the managment of the appliance to a single IP address.

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Last Modified Date10/22/2018 3:46 PM
Authentication issues when the Stingray Traffic Manager is not listening on loopback
Problem or Goal
You can restrict the management traffic to a single IP address by re-running the configure script.  It will only allow the Stingray Traffic Manager to listen on a specific IP address for management: 
  1. Access the CLI and run $ZEUSHOME/zxtm/configure
  2. Select number 2 to perform post-install configuration: 
  3. Answer Y to the question Would you like to restrict Stingray Traffic Manager management to one IP? Y/N [N]:
  4. Enter in IP address
  5. Follow through and let the script re-configure.

Management traffic includes access to the Stingray Admin UI, external API access, and internal communications within a traffic manager cluster.

If you do choose to restrict the software’s internal management traffic, you are then asked to nominate an IP address. The traffic manager you are configuring will only accept management traffic destined to this address. This address would normally reside on a private or dedicated management network.

Important: You should only choose to use a management address if you have a dedicated, reliable management network. Each management address is a single point of failure for an entire traffic manager cluster; all the management addresses must always be available.

If you intend to use a management IP address and are running on Linux, you are strongly recommended to use kernel 2.6.12 or later. Earlier 2.6 kernels can not reliably restrict multicast or ‘heartbeat’ messages to a single network card.

More information can be found in the section The Configure Script from the attached Software Getting Started guide: 

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