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5768 - Unable to deploy keys onto a vTM Amazon AMI due to error "This type of key cannot be added to this EC2 instance"

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Last Modified Date6/20/2018 1:19 AM
This article describes an issue where deploying keys to a vTM Amazon AMI fails with the following error:  "This type of key cannot be added to this EC2 instance."
Problem or Goal
This error is seen when applying a normal vTM key to a vTM AMI (Amazon Machine Image).
Obtain a vTM Development Edition then attempt to upload the key instead.  Another option to upload the license by running the wizard again from SSH with the command below:


There are a number of pre-configured AMIs to chose from, published on Amazon's AWS Marketplace.  Other than the developer edition, each vTM AMI contains a built-in license key, so it works 'out of the box'. You do not have to provide your own license key.

You can also use the BYOL (bring your own license) option.  To use your own license key, select the vTM Development Edition (this AMI has no license key, and there are no vendor charges associated with it).  You can then upload your own license key (check with the support portal if you need to modify the IP address your license key is associated with).

How does licensing work on EC2?

When you launch an instance of a vTM AMI, Amazon checks that you have signed up to use the AMI. If you have, EC2 launches the instance; if you have not, EC2 refuses to launch the instance. Once the instance is running, it contacts EC2 periodically to check that it is still authorized to run.

If the authorization check fails, the traffic manager will log a warning message but will continue to run normally for a grace period, the length of which is given in the log message. This prevents transient faults in EC2 from disrupting your services. If the authorization check continues to fail, the traffic manager will stop handling traffic when the grace period expires.


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