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KB45561 - Gathering Console Logs from the ICS / IPS server.

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Last Modified Date11/8/2022 12:09 AM
To gather the console logs from a serial connection when on a physical appliance refer to the below link
Gathering console logs for the physical appliance

Setting up console logging to go to a file on VmWare ESXI that can be gathered after the event which is being troubleshooted
• On the VPN server navigate to Maintenance > System > Options and, uncheck Enable Virtual Terminal Server
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• Disable the Reboot on Kernel Panic option by navigating to  Maintenance > System > Options and, uncheck Enable Kernel Watchdog.
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• Next log in to VmWare Vsphere and, power down the ICS / IPS server.
• Go to the Edit Setting page for the VPN server and, Click Add Other Device
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• When configuring the new Serial Port in the dropdown, choose Output File and, take note of the location it will be save to as this will be location the file must gathered from.
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Take Note
When configuring the console logging in this manor you will not have access to the console command options. Should you face an issue and, not have access to the Administrator GUI, you would then have to choose the Use Network option in the dropdown for the newly added serial connection then use a too such as Putty to for access to the console command options.

•  Steps to collect Serial Console Logs for AWS Deployments
1. Navigate to EC2 -> Instances and click the instance id of the affected AWS Instance.
2. Navigate to Actions -> Monitor and troubleshoot -> EC2 serial console

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3. In the resulting screen, click Connect.
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4. In the case of Kernel panic, to collect Kernel Trace, scroll up and manually select all the
screen contents and copy to another file.
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Limitation - To capture Kernel Trace in the console, Serial console require to be open and
connected prior to crash. This can only be ran 1 hour before needing to be re-enabled.
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