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KB44971 - How to completely uninstall/remove Pulse Secure Client on Linux

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Last Modified Date2/21/2022 3:51 AM
This article outlines how to completely remove Linux Unified Client from a Linux in order to perform a clean install. 
Problem or Goal
If Linux Unified Client fails to upgrade, it may be necessary to uninstall the existing Linux Unified Client version and remove all directories associated with Linux Unified Client in order to perform a clean install.
For Debian (.deb) :- 
    dpkg with -r option removes the installed package.
sudo dpkg -r <pkgname>
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Now list the package and check the status.
dpkg -l | grep '<pkgname>'
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      Here“rc” stands for ‘removed ok config-files’. The remove action didn’t purge the configuration files.
    The status of each installed package will be available in /var/lib/dpkg/status
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    The following command is used to purge the package completely.
sudo dpkg -P <pkgname>
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For RPM :-
rpm -e <pkgname>
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