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KB44985 - How to configure SSH resource access with Single Sign-On via HTML5 Access.

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Last Modified Date3/31/2022 3:57 AM

This article explains the steps to configure the different ways to access SSH resource with Single Sign-On via HTML5 Access.
Problem or Goal
Steps to configure SSH resource via HTML5 

1. Create a Resource Profile (Users > Resource Profile > HTML5 Access)
2. Select Solution Type as Basic HTML5. Click the dropdown and select Type as SSH.
3. Please add a name to the resource and the IP Address or hostname for resource to be accessed.
4. Please add a custom port if the SSH resource accepts connection on a custom port.
5. Please make sure "Create an access control policy for HTML5 access" is checked to create a Resource Policy for this Profile.
6. Click Save & Continue. Select the roles to which the resource profile applies.

In order to configure SSO for SSH, we have the following options 

1. For Single Sign-On into the SSH resource 
Here, the username used to login to the VPN will be used to access SSH resource automatically. This can be used in a scenario where different users have different credentials to access SSH resource and Single Sign On is possible.
Please keep the Username as <USER>
Select Variable Password and keep it as <PASSWORD>
Save Changes.
User-added image

2. For admin-defined authentication into SSH resource 
Here, the admin will pre-define the credentials to access the SSH resource. The username to access the SSH resource can be different from the username used to access VPN. This can be used in a scenario where there is only one credential to access the resource.
Please add the Username and Select Password to add the password.
Save Changes.
In the below example, Username root is configured.
 User-added image

Confirm if the HTML5 Access resource is added to the User Role (Users > User Role > HTML5 > Sessions.
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