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KB45096 - How to enable RDP session recording in Advanced HTML5 bookmarks

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Last Modified Date3/31/2022 3:45 AM
Advanced HTML5 allows to record RDP session. This article demonstrates how to enable this feature on an advanced HTML5 RDP bookmark
Problem or Goal

Create an HTML5 RDP resource policy.

  1. Navigate to  Users > Resource Profiles > HTML5 Access
  2. Create a new RDP profile. Please make sure to select Advanced HTML5 while creating RDP resource profile as this feature is only available on Advanced HTML5 and not Basic HTML5.
  3. Enter Name, Description, Host and Server port number
  4. Select the option "Create an access control policy for HTML5 access." to automatically create access policy for the resource.
  5. Click on Save and Continue
  6. Select the roles to which the resource profile applies and click on Save Changes
  7. Click on the name of automatically created bookmark in the next page
  8. Enter required details and select the checkbox " Enable Session Recording" on the bookmark page.
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Saving RDP session recording.

  1. Once the RDP session is connected via the advanced HTML5 bookmark created in the above step, the PCS will start recording the session.
  2. As soon as the session is closed the browser will show a link to save the session recording on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on the link to save the recording on the PC. The session recording will be saved on a file with .rdpv extension.
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