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KB44838 - How to generate Services Director Bandwidth Pack Licenses

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Last Modified Date7/15/2021 10:29 AM
This article provides instructions on how to generate Bandwidth pack licenses for Services Director.
Problem or Goal
Bandwidth pack licenses are Resource Licenses which are typically used for Bandwidth allocation for vTM's added to a Services Director. As such, a Bandwidth pack needs to be tied with a Services Director Base license with which it is intended to be used. The first step involves generating the Services Director Base License by following the steps mentioned in KB44466.

Once the Base License has been generated, follow the below steps to generate Bandwidth pack license:

1. Login to
2. From the menu, select Software Licensing > virtual Application Delivery Controller licenses.
3. In LICENSE Generation, enter the Authorization Code provided in RTU certificate for the Bandwidth pack.

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4. In the next page, it will prompt to enter the Key Serial Number to upgrade. In here, mention the Serial Number associated with the Base Services Director License and NOT the Serial Number of Bandwidth Pack.

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5. The Serial Number for Base Services Director License can be got from RTU certificate itself, the SKU for same would be of the type: BR-ADC-MGMT-STDBASE-X-XX.
6. Once the license key has been generated, click on "Save Key' to save it as a file on local machine.
7. For more info on Services Director options and settings, visit our Techpubs site here.
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