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KB44037 - How to use jamcommand to Import connections to Pulse Desktop Client?

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Last Modified Date9/16/2019 4:16 AM
This article provides the step-by-step instructions how to use jamCommand to import connections to Pulse Desktop Client without having to connect to the Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) device.
Problem or Goal
The jamCommand.exe is a command line program that imports the Pulse connections (using a preconfiguration file) into the Pulse Desktop Client. The .pulsepreconfig file is created on the Pulse Connect Secure or Pulse Policy Secure server, then deployed as part of a Pulse installation.  The Pulse preconfiguration can be used for multiple reasons:
  1. Simplifying the end user experience by deploying the Pulse Desktop Client with predefined connections
  2. Used to troubleshoot and test configuration changes quickly without having to connect to a Pulse Connect Secure device
The jamCommand program is available for Windows and macOS. To install connections using jamCommand, perform the following steps:
  1. Login to admin web interface.
  2. Navigate to Users > Pulse Secure Client > Components
  3. Select the corresponding component set 
  4. Click Download Installer Configuration
  5. Distribute the .pulsepreconfig file to the endpoint
  6. Run jamCommand with the importFile option

For example:


Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Pulse Secure\JamUI\
jamCommand -importFile myfile.pulsepreconfig


Navigate to /Applications/
./jamCommand -importfile <pre-config file location on local disk>


Navigate to /opt/pulsesecure/bin/
./jamCommand -importFile <script>

If the Pulse Desktop Client is running when the jamCommand is executed, the new Pulse connection(s) appear immediately.
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