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KB45717 - How to verify if Default Options settings for session options is getting honored for End Users on PDC

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Last Modified Date1/23/2023 1:38 PM
This Article Describes about how an end user can verify if the Default Options values set on Pulse Connect Secure (PCS)/Ivanti Connect Secure (ICS) is getting honored with the help of Pulse Desktop Client(PDC)/Ivanti Secure Access Client (ISAC).
Problem or Goal
Default Options is used to define default values for Session Options, UI Options and Custom messages.
It can be defined under Users > User Roles > "Default Options" Button.
the Goal of this Article is to verify the applied session options with the help of PDC/ISAC from end users.

To Verify the Default Option values of an end user session, Please follow the below mentioned steps:
Step1: Once you have applied default value for user session by using Default Options Under Users > User Roles > "Default Options"
Step2: Assign it to User Realm which users are going to use while connecting from PDC/ISAC Clients.
Step3: Connect with that VPN user by providing username and password.
Step4: Once connected, Open PDC/ISAC.
Step5: Right Click on Connected Connection and click on "Advanced Connection details..." 
Step6: Now Under "Advanced Connection details" we can verify the user session value applied under Default Options by checking "session time remaining" and "session duration".
   - Adding above mentioned field value we will get session value applied under Session Options Tab of Default         Options.

Note: Default Option values gets applied to new User role or present Role only if session Option check box under User Role is not selected Under User > User Roles > Username > General > Overview window.
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