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KB44500 - Implications of disabling to the "Store host checking evaluation results" Feature on Pulse Connect Secure/Pulse Policy

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Last Modified Date6/18/2020 9:54 PM

Host Checker Caching is a feature introduced in Pulse Control Secure (PCS) /Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) from version 9.0R1. By default this feature is not enabled and would need to be enabled.

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This feature allows the following:

  • It can be configured to store the host checking evaluation results for a specified number of days.
  • It can cache the results if specific role(s) are assigned or if any role is assigned.


Problem or Goal

The goal is to highlight to the end user the implications of disabling the 'Store host checking evaluation results' configuration. 


Not Applicable

What is the Implication? 

If the 'Store host check evaluation feature' is disabled, then the active session for the assigned user roles will be disconnected. 

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This implication of disabling this feature will be added as an warning notification in future version release for visibility to the user on the following UI pages:

  • Admin UI
  • On clicking the 'Save ESAP Changes' button under the Authentication > Endpoint Security > Host Checker menu
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