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KB45666 - Import Failed for Host Checker push configuration

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Last Modified Date1/19/2023 4:39 PM
This article describes the issue where the import fails from PCS 9.1 R16 to ICS 21.12R1 with the error "Import failed Error: Error: [/configuration/authentication/endpoint/host-checker/policies/policy[policy-name = "CertHC"]/regular/platforms/androidchromeos] Unknown Element ."
Problem or Goal
While pushing the Host Checker configuration from PCS 9.1R16 to ICS 21.12R1, the import on the ICS device fails with the following error.

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Android on ChromeOS is not supported on ICS 21.12R1.
It is present under Host Checker configuration under Mobile Tab on PCS 9.1R16
The same error comes up when using XML Export/Import.
Since the ICS 21.12R1 appliance do not support Android on ChromeOS, there will not be a fix for the Host Checker import issue using the push configuration and XML Export/Import.
The workaround would be configure the Host Checker separately on the ICS 21.12R1 appliance.
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