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KB45389 - Is Active/Passive Cluster supported on Azure and AWS Platform ?

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Last Modified Date8/19/2022 11:57 AM
This Article provides information on the supportability of Active/Passive cluster setup in Azure and AWS platform.
Problem or Goal

Ivanti Connect Secure Virtual Appliances supports Clustering features.

Whether Active/Passive Cluster is supported in Azure and AWS Cloud platform is documented in this Article.  

This information is referencing the below Appliance and release version.

Virtual Appliance:

*   ICS   4000- V
*   PSA  3000-V
*   PSA  5000-V
*   PSA   7000-V

Release Version

*  9.1R16
*  21.x  and  22.2x


There is a limitation with respect to sub interfaces in cloud platform and hence we cannot support A/P cluster in Azure and AWS platform.

Customer can configure the Active / Active Clustering in Azure and AWS platform at this moment.


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