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KB10161 - Initial Configuration of the PCS

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Last Modified Date7/16/2018 6:31 PM
This article outlines the steps required to set up the PCS  with an initial configuration.
Problem or Goal
I received my PCS  device, how do I set up or configure it? 

 Use the following steps to assist with setting up the PCS  for the first time

Determine the Topology in which the PCS  will be connected in the network, then install the hardware.  For assistance, see: KB10162 - Determine Topology and Connect the PCS device(s) to the network

Access the device via the Serial Console and enable for WebUI access.  For additional information, consult: KB10163 - Steps to Add or Replace New Hardware and Configure Web Admin Access

Setup the Licensing on the PCS .  For additional information, consult: KB40032 - [Customer Support Tools] How to generate a license using the Licensing & Download Center for Pulse Secure (non-vADC) products

Install a Certificate for use on a production PCS : KB10165 - How to install a Certificate for use on a production PCS 

Confirm if the PCS  OS needs to be upgraded. For assistance, see: KB40072 - Recommended release version for a software branch

If you have a problem during setup Consult: KB10172 - Common issues encountered during initial setup of the Pulse Connect Secure

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