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KB10195 - Installation instructions for rewrite filter

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Last Modified Date2/28/2017 11:52 PM
This article provides step by step instructions how to install a rewriting filter.
Problem or Goal
Rewriting filter is a package created by Pulse Secure that contains advanced rewrite policies written for making specific applications work when accessed through the rewrite engine. For information on best practices, please refer to (Content Intermediation and Rewrite Engine)

How to install a rewrite filter:

  1. Navigate to Users > Resource Policies > Web > Rewriting Filters.
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  1. Click Add Filter.
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  1. After uploading the filter inspect the URL column to ensure the listed URL’s matches the problematic applications used. If required, edit this field by clicking on the listed URL’s. The URL column dictates which pages will this filter apply to (Similar to ACL’s on any device)  
DO NOT: Don’t use *:*/* in the URL’s column as this will force the rewrite engine to apply the filter to all pages and this can have undesired effect as the filter was designed only for certain pages with specific content type. The Policy Trace troubleshooting tool will be very helpful in identifying the exact URL’s that your application uses.

Example: For OWA login issue related filter the default URL is http://host_name.domain_name/exchange and the filter will have the URL of the form http://*.*/exchange by default. However if you have changed the OWA default login URL to http://host_name.domain_name/login.html please edit the filter and add the modified URL. 
  1. Ensure the filter is enabled and test if the issue is resolved. 
  2. If the issue is not resolved by the filter, please provide the following information when opening a ticket with Pulse Secure along with info requested at PCS – Troubleshooting Rewrite related issues (Core/Web Based Access).
  • Rewriting Filters policy page configurations (screenshots)
  • Policy Trace and Dsrecord log file (For a failed user session)
  • Navigation and error screenshots (showing what links you clicked on starting from logging in ending with the error  page)
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