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KB11502 - Known Issues and limitations when using the web-based file-browsing access mechanism

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Last Modified Date9/26/2016 11:35 PM
This article provides information about known Issues and limitations when using the web-based  file-browsing access mechanism of the PCS.
Problem or Goal
  • File upload size restrictions:
    • End users cannot upload more than 500 MB in a single transaction.
    • The maximum limit for all simultaneous uploads is 1 GB. 
  • File download size restrictions:
    • Single file download functionality: End users cannot download a file of size greater than 2 GB.
    • Multiple file download functionality: Same restrictions as defined in the above file upload size restrictions section.
To work around the file size restrictions use an alternate access mechanism, such as WSAM, JSAM, Pulse Desktop client or Network Connect.

  • When downloading a Japanese file on a Windows Mobile 5.0 device, the filename is corrupted. This is due to a problem on WM 5.0.
  • With the clientless file browsing feature, when downloading a file that has a .tar.gz extension, the filename will contain square brackets.
  • On Mac OS 9.2/Netscape 4.79, when uploading a file that contains a space in its name, the PCS will replace the space with a % character.
  • When a file with Japanese characters in the filename is opened right after the download, the filename looks corrupted. This is due to the IE browser not honoring the content-disposition header when the file is opened directly.
  • File Share SSO support only one (1) level from the root directory.  For example, the following is supported  \\ACMEGIZMO\SHARE1, but \\ACMEGIZMO\SHARE1\SHARE2 is not.
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