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KB12738 - [SBR] EAP-TLS fails to initialize

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Last Modified Date8/2/2015 8:00 PM
You try to use EAP-TLS authentication but it doesn't show up as an active authentication method even though the a EAP Methods are checked, and both the server certificate and CA certificates are installed on the SBR.
Problem or Goal
In a startup log the following message is displayed:

EAP-TLS: Adding trusted root certificate C:\PROGRA~1\JUNIPE~1\STEEL-~1\Service\ROOT\CA.der (1155 bytes)
EAP-TLS: Adding trusted root certificate C:\PROGRA~1\JUNIPE~1\STEEL-~1\Service\ROOT\CA2.der (1155 bytes)
EAP-TLS: Unable to initialize server. Return code 14 received
Check both of the CA certificates.  The error is usually caused because you are using the same CA certificate twice with a different file name.

If both Certificates are the same, remove one of them and restart the SBR service.  Ensure you are able to use EAP-TLS authentication.
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