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KB13151 - If using wireless connection on Windows Vista, 30 seconds after launching NC it disconnects and displays the error

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 4:26 AM
Network Connect Users get disconnected with error  a few seconds after launching Network Connect.  This occurs when using a wireless connection on a Windows Vista device.
Problem or Goal
Network Connect users get disconnected with the error  a few seconds after launching Network Connect using wireless connection.

TCPIP stack in Vista/2008 was written from scratch.  One change was to increase the metric of an interface when link speed changes. Such a change is more likely to happen on wireless interfaces; as link speed may change based on coverage. When Windows modifies the route metric based on wireless signal strengths and connection speeds the routing metric change, this causes Network Connect to disconnect the tunnel.

To resolve the issue:
  • Upgrade: Originally this issue was fixed in versions 6.0R8, 6.1R6, 6.2R3, and 6.3R3 but the issue re-surfaced again in later branches and is fixed in 6.2R6, 6.3R4, 6.4R2.
  • Disable: Automatic Metric Calculation Feature.
To Disable Automatic Metric Calculation Feature:
  1. Windows users click Start > Control Panel > Network Connections
    Vista users go to Network and Sharing Center > Manage network connections.  
  2. Right click on Local Area Connection or any other desired link; such as wireless network connection or other renamed connection.  Select Properties. 
  3. Under the "This connection uses the following items" box, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), or Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6).  Click Properties. 
    Note: Select IPv6 only if your network is using the new IP protocol. 
  4. In the "IP Protocol Properties" dialog, click Advanced. 
  5. There are a few tabs in Advanced TCP/IP Settings dialog window: IP Settings, DNS, WINS and/or Options. Go to IP Settings. 
  6. Uncheck "Automatic metric"; located after IP addresses and default gateways sections to disable the automatic metric calculation feature. 
  7. In the text box of "Interface metric", enter a metric value between 1 and 9999. 
  8. Click OK to close all dialog windows and save the changes. 
  9. Display the routing table with route print command to confirm that the change has taken effect.
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