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KB14367 - [SBR]--Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and Steel-Belted RADIUS appliances

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 4:19 AM
General statement regarding Windows Group Policy Objects (GPO) and the Pulse secure Steel-Belted RADIUS (SBR) appliance
Problem or Goal
When using Steel-Belted RADIUS appliance, there are reports of odd behavior in the NEWS interface of the appliance or specific features appear to not be functioning correctly.

If the appliance is made a member of an Active Directory domain, it is possible that a group policy or policies has been applied to the operating system and has changed the default / intended behavior of the unit. 

Pulse secure does not recommend that GPOs be applied to the appliance.  The server is hardened at the OS level and altering these parameters could lead to unintended behavior.  It is recommended that if the unit is to be joined to an Active Directory domain that it be placed into a container that does not inherit any group policies.

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