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KB15066 - I've mistyped my SBR appliance license key and now I cannot access the administrator

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Last Modified Date11/23/2015 11:07 PM
Once you enter an incorrect SBR appliance license key three times, the SBR application deactivates itself thereby preventing you from entering other incorrect keys.
Problem or Goal
  • locked out of SBR
  • Cannot access the administrator

The solution to this issue is to remove the license file from the service directory and then restart the service.

To perform this operation, please follow the steps outlined below:
  1. Shut-down the device
  2. Connect a Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor to the appliance
  3. Power-on the device and begin tapping the "F6" key to access the options screen.
  4. From the options screen, select "Safe Mode".
  5. Once the device boots and you are presented with a Windows Logon box, please enter the Administrator credentials and login.
  6. When the desktop loads, depending on your version, browse to the SBR install directory at either "C:\radius\service " or "C:\Program Files\Juniper Networks\Steel-Belted Radius\service
  7. Locate a file named radius.lic and then delete the file
  8. Reboot the server and connect to the SBR Administrator (the service should be running correctly now).
  9. Within the Administrator, browse to "File" and then "License"
  10. Enter the correct license for your SBR product.
  11. Restart the Steel-Belted Radius Service and verify that the new license has taken effect.
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