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KB15578 - Are mismatched licenses between cluster nodes allowed and what is the behavior if the license is "unqualified"?

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 9:56 AM
Are mismatched licenses between cluster nodes allowed in a cluster and what is the behavior if the license is "unqualified"?
Problem or Goal
  • Can you use mismatched license between a main node and the other cluster node(s)?
  • What will the behavior of cluster be if mismatched licenses are used?
  • What are the implications if license is in "unqualified" state?
In a cluster, the cluster (CL) node or nodes share the license with the primary node and therefore the CL license should be equal or more than the main node license.  Note: This is true for every node that needs to be part of this cluster in A/A multi-node configuration.

If the CL license is lesser that the license on the main node,  the CL node will be in an "unqualified" state; this particular node (or nodes) will *NOT* allow user logins (only administrators will be able to login).  Also, in an active-passive (A/P) cluster configuration, the VIP will still failover even in a license mismatched situation but when it fails over to the unqualified node, it will not allow user login and will drop existing users.

Therefore, always ensure that licenses match with main (primary) node.  Only the user license is needed (CL licenses are only for user license and all other licenses present in the main node will be shared across).

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