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KB16146 - How to rejoin a replacement or RMA device in an Active/Passive or Active/Active cluster via serial console

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Last Modified Date7/24/2017 9:04 PM
This articles provides the procedures for rejoining a replacement or RMA node in an Active/Passive or Active/Active cluster via serial console.

For instructions on adding a new node that is not a replacement device or to add a replacement node via the Admin Web UI, refer to KB40677

Problem or Goal


This procedure is useful for an RMA or replacement node that is rejoining a cluster where the cluster still has the defective node member configured in the cluster with a status of "Enabled/Unreachable".  
Refer to KB10163 - Steps to Add or Replace New Hardware and Configure Web Admin Access for hardware rack mounting/cabling installation and initial configuration steps.

If you are attempting to join a cluster using the serial console in 8.2R5 and above then refer KB40819

Note: A node can be joined to a cluster during production use and the node joining the cluster does not need to be upgraded prior to joining it to the cluster.  Once the node has joined the cluster, the cluster will automatically push an upgrade to the joining node.  If the factory image of the new node is running a version higher than the production cluster then it will need to be downgraded before joining it the cluster.  The downgrade needs to initiated from the Web UI then serial console access will be required in order to go through initial configuration of the device.

Steps to join a node to a cluster via serial console

  1. Login to the existing cluster and verify that node being added to the cluster exists as a member.  Go to System > Clustering > Cluster Status to verify.  (For RMA replacement it is likely that the defective node member entry will already be in place.)  If the node is already present the cluster status will appear as follows:
User-added image
  1. If the node being added to the cluster does not exist as a node yet, then click "Add Members" to add the node.
  2. Enter a name (label) for the new node, its internal port IP address, the subnet mask and gateway.  
  3. From the serial console connection to the new device, press Enter to modify system settings.
  4. Select Option 4 - System Operations then select Option 1 - Reboot this Pulse Connect Secure. Enter 'y' to confirm reboot operation.
  5. Watch the on-screen prompts for the following prompt and Hit TAB:
User-added image
  1. Select Option 2. Join an existing cluster.
User-added image 
  1. Refer to the existing cluster setup to enter the following information:
User-added image
  1. Verify all settings then choose Option 1. to continue.
  2. If an error occurs, click 'c' to continue then Hit Tab and choose Option 2 to re-enter the settings.
User-added image
  1. Once the device can reach the existing node in the cluster, the join operation will be performed.  Accept any prompts about upgrading this node to the matching cluster version.  The package will begin copying.
User-added image
  1. The package will be verified and then node will be rebooted.
User-added image
  1. Once the device reboots allow it to reboot with default settings. It go through post-installation process then the configuration will be pushed to the new node.
User-added image
  1. You can run a continuous ping to the joining device's internal IP address at this point so that you will know when the device is up and running.  Or, watch the cluster status from the existing node for the joining node to show a status of <green> and Enabled.  (Note, once the node joins the cluster, both nodes will show a status of Leader for a brief period of time until the cluster completes transitioning.  Then the node that joined will go to Enabled.)
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