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KB16194 - [Core Access] How does the PCS load balance multiple Citrix XML service servers?

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Last Modified Date12/5/2015 10:15 PM
This article provides information on how PCS load balances multiple Citrix XML service servers.
Problem or Goal
The PCS supports multiple servers in the Citrix XML Service IP and Port configuration text field.
PCS does not perform any load balancing in this scenario. The XML servers that are specified in this field are contacted one by one (in the order entered) to retrieve the listed applications; if one of them is successful, then the PCS will stop processing and return the list of applications.

PCS will generate the unable to connect to any of the servers error message, if none of the server access is successful.

XML servers are fallback-based only; there is no switching to multiple XML servers to obtain different applications from different servers. It is expected that all servers in each XML group will provide the same application list. The administrator can configure multiple XML servers in the Citrix bookmark, so that PCS can fall back to the next XML server, if XML servers that are on top are not responding.

But, all XML servers should be returning the same set of applications; else, the behavior is undefined in the sense that every time users end up receiving different set of applications. If PCS can connect to the first server, then it will not attempt to connect to the second server; irrespective of how many applications are returned by the first server (that is If PCS can connect to the first server to access a particular application and PCS will not connect to the second XML server to obtain the second application.
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