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KB16338 - PCS bonding ports configuration behavior on PCS6500, PCS6500 FIPS

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Last Modified Date11/23/2015 7:01 PM
PCS bonding ports Internal, External


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What are the Bonding Ports of PCS6500?
  • Internal port = Port 0 + Port 1
  • External port = Port 2 + Port 3
Suggest matching Speed, Duplex and MTU settings with the connected switch ports; as there can be unpredictable results if the above settings do not match with the connected device.
How do I activate if the other is a passive port?
There is no configuration or action necessary.  PCS will automatically detect and failover to other port if one is unavailable.
Does it offer an increase in bandwidth using both bonding ports?
  • Bonding ports offers multiple options for connectivity.  
  • The PCS's "bonding" is only for providing a fail-over mechanism.  It does not provide bandwidth enhancement as only one port passes traffic at a time. 
  • No configuration on the PCS is available other than port speed, MTU (The only internal port /external port page offers)
What do green, amber, red LEDs indicate?
Status LEDs
The front of the PCS chassis features the following LEDs:
PWR (green)
Indicates that the appliance has power and is turned on
HD (amber)
Indicates that the hard disk is in use (writing or reading data)
TEMP (red)
A blinking LED indicates that one of the fans has failed or is not seated properly in its port, or that a fan has failed and needs to be replaced.

A solid LED indicates a high internal temperature reading that may result in system failure if not addressed.
PS FAIL (red)
Indicates that one of the power supplies is faulty, has been unplugged, or has experienced an outright failure
Internal and external Ethernet LINK TX/RX (green)
Indicates that the internal or external Ethernet interface is currently transmitting or receiving data
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