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KB16778 - How to avoid the Admin user being unable to login when the number of concurrent users signed in to the system has exceeded the system limit

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 10:28 PM
It is possible to set a guaranteed minimum user amount on an Admin Realm to allow an administrator to log into the PCS/PPS when the licensed concurrent user limit is being reached.
Problem or Goal
If the amount of concurrent users reaches the hard limit threshold, as detailed in KB2388 - [System Management] What happens when the number of clients accessing the PCS exceeds the licensed amount of users?, an admin user could be blocked from signing into the PCS/PPS.

When a user or admin attempts to login when the concurrent user limit is reached they are unable to login and the default message they receive in the browser is:


If a user is blocked the a message similar to the following is logged in the User Access log:

And for an Admin user an entry like the following is recorded in the User Access log:
It is possible to configure at the realm level restrictions on the maximum amount of users allowed to sign in concurrently on a realm and also to set a minimum guaranteed level of users for that realm. Admin users have their own Authentication realms which can also have these settings applied.

To specify the limit restrictions:

1. Select an administrator or user realm for which you want to implement limits restrictions and navigate to:
Administrators > Admin Realms > Select Realm > Authentication Policy > Limits
Users > User Realms > Select Realm > Authentication Policy > Limits

2. To limit the number of concurrent users on the realm, select Limit the number of concurrent admins and then specify limit values for these options:
a. Guaranteed minimum—You can specify any number of users between zero (0) and the maximum number of concurrent users defined for the realm, or you can set the number up to the maximum allowed by your license if there is no realm maximum.

b. Maximum (optional)—You can specify any number of concurrent users from the minimum number you specified up to the maximum number of licensed users.  If you enter a zero (0) into the Maximum field, no users are allowed to login to the realm.

3. Click Save Changes.
By setting a Guaranteed minimum of 1 on each admin realm will allow an admin to always be able to log in to the PCS.
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