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KB16990 - Configuring the split-tunneling to 300 or more networks per NC tunnel leads to '' error

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Last Modified Date10/22/2018 5:38 PM
This article describes the issue of the '' error message being generated, when users try to initiate a network connection session. This error occurs when the split-tunnel is configured to 300 or more networks.

Problem or Goal
Customer reported issue with NC - the error message is generated, only if the split-tunnel is configured to use 300 or more networks.
Split-Tunnel networks supports only up to 256 networks per user role. User access logs reports the following error message, if we set the split-tunnel networks more than 256 networks:
Error ID- ERR24633-Failed to set Split-Tunneling networks for user meeting

There can only be up to a maximum of 256 split-tunneling routes applied per NC tunnel.
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