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KB17044 - "Facility" in Syslog Servers window under Log/Monitoring tabs: What does it mean?

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Last Modified Date8/3/2015 7:14 PM

This article explains the meaning of the term "Facility" that appears in the Syslog Servers window under Log/Monitoring > Events > Settings, Log/Monitoring > User Access > Settings, and Log/Monitoring > Admin Access > Settings.

Problem or Goal


The Settings option is found under Log/Monitoring > Events, Log/Monitoring > User Access, and Log/Monitoring > Admin Access.



The Facility pull-down menu is found in the Syslog Servers window.





The Syslog Server receives log messages and acts on each message's type (or facility) and its priority (set on the Syslog Server).

A Facility Level is used to specify what type of program is logging the message.

Facility Levels allow the Syslog Server to handle messages according to the Priority Level set for each type of message. This allows for greater flexibility: Messages for one node or cluster can be handled differently by assigning them different Facility Levels.

Facility Levels:

  • auth -> authentication messages
  • cron - > messages from scheduler
  • daemon -> messages from resident daemons
  • kern -> kernel messages
  • lpr -> printer messages
  • user -> messages from user-initiated processes/apps
  • mail -> messages from mail service
  • local0-local7 -> user-defined (Define on the Junos Pulse Secure Access gateway to match the local[x] configured on the Syslog Server.)
  • syslog -> messages from the syslog process itself

Priority Levels:

  • 0 - Emergency (emerg)
  • 1 - Alerts (alert)
  • 2 - Critical (crit)
  • 3 - Errors (err)
  • 4 - Warnings (warn)
  • 5 - Notification (notice)
  • 6 - Information (info)
  • 7 - Debug (debug)


  • On the Pulse Connect Secure gateway, the Facility must be defined.
  • The Priority Level(s) should be decided on the Syslog Server.
  • The higher the priority, the more verbose the data included in the logs.
  • For more information, see Configuring Syslog.
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