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KB17063 - Logs to gather for a system freeze or stall issue

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Last Modified Date2/24/2017 7:37 PM
This article provides information on how to capture logs for a system freeze or stall issue.

Problem or Goal
To gather the information, a serial console connection is required. This can be done by using any application that supports console access and the capturing/saving of the output.

Windows HyperTerminal is being used in this example:
  1. Capture the data to a file. Transfer -> Capture Text and select the location of the capture text file. All console outputs will now be logged to this file.
  1. Run the following commands to enable the kernel debug (the break sequence varies from client-to-client):

    Ctrl+Break (hold down the Ctrl key, press the Break key, and then release both keys) and then press 9; you should see the following output:
    Leave the console connected. This is very important. When/If the issue occurs again……. 
  2. Wait for a few minutes and then run the following commands to capture the kernel tracing:

    Ctrl+Break (hold down the Ctrl key, press the Break key, and then release both keys), and then press t. The output should display a kernel trace.                   
  3. When it is completed, collect the file that was created in Step 1 for support analysis.            

For more information about enabling debugging at debug level 9 on an PCS/MAG/PPS/VA platform via the console, refer to KB26224 - [Logging/Monitoring] How to enable debugging on the PCS/MAG/PPS/VA console (when healthy) for health checks only and the Troubleshoot System Stall Issues document attached to the KB below.
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