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KB17793 - Configuring Windows File Bookmark that maps to a user's LDAP home directory

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Last Modified Date8/2/2015 9:44 PM
This article provides step-by-step instructions how to configure Windows File Bookmark that maps to a user's LDAP home directory.
Problem or Goal
To create a file bookmark that automatically maps to a user's LDAP home directory.
Perform the following steps:
  1. Create LDAP as the directory server for user authentication and authorization in the PCS authentication server (Authentication > Auth Servers > Select Server type as LDAP Server > New Server). 
  2. Add LDAP attribute "homeDirectory" to the IVE-LDAP server's Catalog.
  3. From the LDAP server configuration page, click the " Server Catalog" link Under "Determining Group Membership"
  4. The Server Catalog page appears. Select the Attributes tab.
  5. Select homeDirectory and click OK to confirm. Add "homeDirectory' by typing it at attribute field, click save changes and OK to confirm if the option is not available in the default attribute list.
  6. Select LDAP as the directory server for authentication in the realm. (Users Realms >General > Authentication)
  7. Configure role-mapping rules, as needed. For example:
  1. Configure the file bookmark in the “Resource Profile > File > New Profile”
  2. Specify \\<userAttr.homeDirectory> in the Server/Share:
  1. Click Save Changes > Add the required roles.
  2. Configuration in the Active Directory/LDAP server:
  3. Set the permissions as needed:
  1. Set the home folder:

When you sign in as an LDAP user and access the file bookmark, you should be able to get the Home Drive:

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