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KB18204 - What format does Pulse Connect Secure gateway support for a device certificate?

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 7:03 AM

This article specifies the device certificate format supported by Pulse Connect Secure gateway.

Problem or Goal

A device certificate helps to secure network traffic to and from a Pulse Connect Secure gateway appliance. The Pulse Connect Secure gateway supports several certificate formats.


The Pulse Connect Secure gateway supports X.509 device certificates in DER and PEM formats (file extensions include .cer, .crt, .der, and .pem), as well as PKCS #12 (for non-fips devices; file extensions include .pfx and .p12).

Other file formats (such as .p7b, which follows PKCS#7) are not supported on the Pulse Connect Secure gateway.

Unsupported device certificate formats have to be converted to a supported format.

For help changing certificate file format, use an SSL Converter.

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