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KB18267 - How to configure Certificate Authentication to backend servers

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Last Modified Date8/3/2015 11:38 AM
This article provides information on how to configure Certificate Authentication to backend servers.
Problem or Goal
  • In PCS 7.0 and later, there is a feature which enables customers to enforce client authentication on their secure backend servers.
  • This allows the PCS gateway to present an admin-configured certificate to these servers for authentication. 
  • Several customers need backend servers to require strict access control, including the use of client certificates for SSL establishment.
  • This feature allows the PCS gateway to present a certificate to such a backend server; so as to conform to these SSL policies.
  • The PCS gateway can be easily configured to present a client certificate to one or more secure backend servers.  
  • This feature enables customers to mandate strict SSL policies on their backend servers by configuring client authentication.
To configure a certificate to be presented to a 2-way SSL protected resource, perform the following procedure:
  1. To upload a Client Auth Certificate, go to System > Configuration > Certificates > Client Auth Certificates:

  1. To create a Client Authentication Resource Policy, go to Users > Resource Policies > Web > Client Authentication:

  1. An auto-policy in a resource profile can also be created; go to Users > Resource profiles > Web > Auto-policy [Client Authentication]:

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