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KB19714 - [PCS/MAG PCS] Can administrative commands be done via SSH?

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 8:11 AM
Login to the Pulse Connect Secure via SSH to perform administrative activities, this is denied and fails.
Problem or Goal
  • Administrators would like to have access to additional information than what is in the admin UI.  
  • They would like to issue commands via SSH.
  • Other servers provide this type of access; however, upon connecting to the PCS this is not possible and fails. This is true even after enabling DMI access.
It is not possible to connect to the PCS via SSH as an administrator directly to configure the device or lookup additional information than what is available on the admin web UI or serial console.

A feature introduced in PCS OS 6.3 is DMI access. This is a protocol that uses SSH to issue configuration commands from another server/application (such as Juniper Networks NSM device); this does not allow SSH access from any client to look at the machine. Further information on DMI can be found in the version-specific DMI solution guide.

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