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KB19944 - No node verification file during ACE server authentication and configuring New pin mode with PCS.

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Last Modified Date8/2/2015 9:21 PM
When the sdconf.rec file is successfully loaded on the PCS, users face the common issue of when they are not allowed to logon and they receive the 'Node Verification File is missing' message; in the Node Verification file, 'Creation Time' is blank. This will not be filled until at least one user is successfully authenticated to each of the nodes. Users will have to logon to the physical IP of each node, to allow the PCS and ACE server to negotiate a node secret on the first successful login.

Problem or Goal
How to enable node verification file in the PCS for users who are using Soft Tokens:

You will get the below error message in the policy trace from PCS:

2011/02/03 12:32:34 - Attempting to authenticate user "xxxx" with auth server "my_ace"
2011/02/03 12:32:34 - There is no node verification file.
Steps to enable node verification file
  1. You need to enable the New Pin mode using 0000 (four zeros) in the secure ID:

  1. This will generate a temporary token that you can copy in the login window:

  1. Now users will be directed to New Pin Mode:

    User-added image
  1. When trying to authenticate using the token, select a PIN and associate it with your token.

    • PINs must be four (4) to eight (8) characters in length AND must consist of just numeric digits (0 through 9).
    • Memorize your PIN. Do not write down your PIN or reveal your PIN to anyone.
  1. When you authenticate with your token in the New PIN Mode, you will be prompted to create a new PIN. Enter your new PIN and then enter it again to confirm the PIN.
Finally, you will be prompted to authenticate yet again. Wait until the token code changes; then authenticate using your new PIN and token code.
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