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KB20495 - How to recover from "Persistent storage is full - Unable to recover system state"

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Last Modified Date3/8/2016 12:55 AM
This article describes how to recover from "Persistent storage is full - Unable to recover system state".


Problem or Goal
The Pulse Connect Secure device shows the following failure on the console:
Persistent storage is full (num 0)
Unable to recover system state - error code 256
Unable to recover system state - error code 6

If a diagnostic dump was obtained, search for system.s to confirm the cache size:
-rw-r--r--   1 root root 536870912 Feb 26 20:15 system.s

In this example, 536870912 bits roughly equals 536 MB.  Cache size cannot be larger than 512 MB.
In rare circumstances, it is possible to completely fill the internal state storage of the Pulse Connect Secure device where persistent user data is stored. This can happen when too many user records are stored within the system with a very high number of unique users accessing the system, or when each user stores a lot of personal information, such as persistent cookies, user defined bookmarks, passwords or Single Sign On related data.

When this happens, the system will no longer be available on the network, and the console will log the following message:

In case of a cluster setup, if the clustering option "Synchronize user sessions" is enabled, this problem can affect all the cluster nodes at the same time.

To resolve this issue, perform one of the following options:
  • Perform a factory reset at the initial boot menu.  (Recommended option if a recent backup was made)
  • Perform a system rollback (Note:  A rollback will place the configuration in the state prior to the upgrade)

Note: The latest configuration will be lost after rollback or factory reset, and must be restored from a backup.

Welcome to IVE boot!
Current version: 7.0R4 Build 17289
Rollback version: 6.5R8 Build 17087
Factory reset version: 6.1R1 Build 12821

Choose configuration to load: factory-reset
The parameter that allows to monitor the current  status of internal state storage is on the Overview page. For example, this system will soon run into trouble:

State storage:
84% Full

If you notice that State Storage is greater than 75% or continues to increase, please refer to [KB26336] - [SA Series/MAG] The state storage percentage on the device is high and increases and impacts the performance of the device for steps to help reduce the size of the cache.

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