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KB20715 - Cannot obtain values of some SNMP MIB entries

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Last Modified Date7/31/2015 4:21 AM
This article describes the issue of being unable to obtain the values of certain SNMP MIB entries.
Problem or Goal
  1. When loading the PULSESECURE-PSG-MIB into a MIB browser and trying to query the following MIB entries, the Snmp No Such Object message is generated:
    blockedIP        enterprises.12532.4
    authServerName   enterprises.12532.5
    fileName         enterprises.12532.8
    meetingUserCount enterprises.12532.9
    meetingCount     enterprises.12532.22
    logName          enterprises.12532.23
    blockedIPList    enterprises.12532.26
    ipEntry          enterprises.12532.26.1
    IPEntry          enterprises.12532.26.1
    logID            enterprises.12532.27
    logType          enterprises.12532.28
    logDescription   enterprises.12532.29
    ivsName          enterprises.12532.30
    ocspResponderURL enterprises.12532.31
    fanDescription   enterprises.12532.32
    psDescription    enterprises.12532.33
    raidDescription  enterprises.12532.34
    clusterName      enterprises.12532.35
    nodeList         enterprises.12532.36
    vipType          enterprises.12532.37
    currentVIP       enterprises.12532.38
    newVIP           enterprises.12532.39
    nicEvent         enterprises.12532.40
    nodeName         enterprises.12532.41
  • Everything is fine when querying the following MIB entries:
    iveTotalHits   enterprises.12532.14
    iveFileHits    enterprises.12532.15
    iveWebHits     enterprises.12532.16
    iveAppletHits  enterprises.12532.17
    ivetermHits    enterprises.12532.18
    iveSAMHits     enterprises.12532.19
    iveNCHits      enterprises.12532.20
    meetingHits    enterprises.12532.21

This is by design. Only the following SNMP MIB entries are supported by Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) OS:

iveTotalHits      enterprises.12532.14
iveFileHits       enterprises.12532.15
iveWebHits        enterprises.12532.16
iveAppletHits     enterprises.12532.17
ivetermHits       enterprises.12532.18
iveSAMHits        enterprises.12532.19
iveNCHits         enterprises.12532.20
meetingHits       enterprises.12532.21
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