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KB20935 - IP Pool lease time and IP allocation FAQ

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Last Modified Date8/3/2015 9:19 PM
This article provides information about the Frequently Asked Questions about VPN (Pulse and Network Connect) IP Pool lease time and IP allocation.
Problem or Goal
Information about the Frequently Asked Questions about VPN (Pulse and Network Connect) IP Pool lease time and IP allocation.
  1. What is the hold/release time the PCS has on IP Pool IP addresses?

    For example, user A logs in and is assigned the IP address. The next day, user A is assigned the same IP address. How long does the PCS hold that IP for user A, as long as there are plenty of IP addresses in the pool?

    Answer: 24 hours (this is not configurable).
  1. Where is the VPN Tunneling IP Pool and lease time information held during normal operation?

    Answer: In the system cache.
  1. Is the system cache setting saved with a user.cfg backup?

    Answer: The system cache is not saved in user.cfg nor can it be exported.
  1. From which end of the range is the IP address assigned? Will it ever be issued from the high end of the range? Can this action be forced; based on a configuration setting?

    Answer: The IP address will be taken in a sequential order from first to last in the IP pool. The only time it will skip IP addresses is if it is held within the system cache as used for another user.
  1. Is there a setting in PCS to change the Lease time of IP address assignment?

    Answer: No, these settings cannot be changed; it is hard coded. If something is required for your environment, work with your account team for an enhancement request.
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