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KB21186 - In the user access logs, what does "Chunks" mean?

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Last Modified Date11/23/2015 8:37 PM
When Network Connect (NC) closes the tunnel adapter, a record of bytes read / written is written to the user access log.  The message also includes the "chunks" amount.  
Problem or Goal
In the user access logs when the NC session is closed using the NC icon or the user has signed out, a corresponding log message is recorded containing the word "CHUNK".  What are "chunks"?

2011-06-08 13:34:39 - nodeb - [] Root::user1(Realm)[role] :Closed connection to TUN-VPN port 443 after 147 seconds, with 2783354 bytes read (in 3494 chunks) and 1126549 bytes written (in 2764 chunks)
Network Connect: Session ended for user with IP
For each session, the PCS device keeps track of the number of bytes sent and received.

The word Chunk is used to denote a block of memory.  The server sends and receives data as a block of memory.  So the “number of chunks received and sent” means the number of times receive and sent happened for a particular session. This helps identify how much data transfer happened for a session.

The engineering team uses this information for debugging purpose.
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