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KB21462 - 64-bit Windows clients using RDP via Windows Terminal Services (WTS) are unable to redirect printers using Microsoft Easy Print

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Last Modified Date11/21/2015 2:39 AM

64-bit Windows clients are unable to redirect printers via Windows Terminal Services (WTS) using Microsoft Easy Print. This article provides a procedure to redirect the printer.

Problem or Goal
WTS on the PCS device uses 32 bit ActiveX for its operations. If printer redirection is enabled then for 64-bit Windows clients the printer redirection with Microsoft's Easy Print fails on the server.

Per Microsoft, Terminal Services Easy Print is not supported if the RDP ActiveX control is run in WOW64. The PCS device calls Mstscax.dll, which allows 32-bit Windows-based applications to run seamlessly on 64-bit Windows; Microsoft Easy Print cannot work with Mstscax.dll.

Note: WOW64 is provided with the operating system and does not have to be explicitly enabled. For more information refer to the following links:
This is a Microsoft limitation as mentioned in their KB2493888.  They have informed us that they are unlikely to fix this issue.
The steps involved in printer redirection are:
  1. MSTSC connects to RDP server
  2. List of client-side printers are sent to the server
  3. The server tries to install Terminal Server Easy Print (Remote Desktop Easy Print)
  4. If Easy Print is not available, the server tries to find a matching printer driver for the client-side printers
  5. If the server not able to find a suitable printer driver, the client side printer will not be available on server

If Easy Print is failing on the server, install the printer drivers for the required printer on the server the client is connecting to. Alternatively, try using a different access mechanism, for example WSAM can be used to forward connections from mstsc.exe on the client to the server, or use the KB21906 - [PCS] How to configure the HOB EasyPrint feature using the Premier Java RDP Applet (HOB) client on the PCS device.  


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