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KB21724 - How to redirect external users to deep links generated by backend web application

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 6:08 AM
This article provides information on how to redirect external uses to deep links generated by a backend web application.
Problem or Goal
A back end web application generates deep links and sends it to external users. For example -, where is the resource/backend URL; they want users to click on this link, authenticate to IVE, and then get redirected to this deep link.
Let us assume that the backend server URL is, as backend URL hostname and Passthrough proxy virtual hostname should be the same.

Configure pass-through with the virtual hostname option, where virtual hostname is and enable browser request follow through under the role. Make the network identity hostname as the sign in URL. You want users to get redirected for login. For example - (this cannot be the same as the passthrough proxy virtual hostname).

Browser request follow through can be enabled under user role > session options. Network identity hostname can be entered under system > network overview.

Note: we need to create a virtual port on the external interface and add an external DNS entry, so that the passthrough proxy virtual hostname resolves to the virtual port if on the outside. We also need a device certificate for the PTP hostname.

End result: External users can click on the link -, they will get redirected to, and after successful authentication to the realm, they will get redirected to the deep link -
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