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KB22167 - [PCS/MAG PCS] Unable to access the resource that is configured via the 'Authorization Only Access' URL

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Last Modified Date5/16/2016 6:00 PM

This article describes an issue where the back end resource defined as an Authorization Only Access sign-in policy is not reachable when attempting to browse to the resource using the virtual host name.  

Problem or Goal


  • A virtual host name has been defined in an Authorization Access Only Sign-In Policy as which maps to the actual host name on the back end as
  • The option to Allow ActiveSync Traffic Only protocol option is disabled.
  • Open a Web browser and browse to (which should redirect the request to
  • The page does not load.
  • Internet Explorer displays the following error: 
The website cannot display the page
  • Under More information in the IE browser, the following error information is displayed:
    This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, users will see the letter S with no error.

User access log:
info - [] - testuser()[test] - 2011/11/09 18:03:00 - sa2 - Access blocked after DNS lookup. Check Web ACL settings - Host:, Request: /


  • The PCS device is unable to resolve the host name
  • There is no Web Access policy configured to  
To resolve this issue:
  • In the PCS appliance go to Network > Hosts and add an entry to map to its internal IP address.
  • Go to Resource Policies > Web > Web ACL and create a policy to Allow access to and apply it to the desired role(s).  
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