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KB22191 - Observing issues with installing Junos Pulse or connecting to resources over the VPN tunnel.

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Last Modified Date7/31/2015 7:45 PM
Occasionally, Pulse Secure Desktop Client cannot install the JNPRNA drivers due to a corrupt INFCACHE.1 file on the client machine.
Problem or Goal
This issue can result in the following symptoms:
  • There is an increased delay when installing Pulse Secure Desktop Client on the Windows machine.
  • The Pulse Secure Desktop Client UI is displayed but there's no content and no URL can be added.
  • The Pulse Secure Desktop Client VPN client displays the 'Connected' status, but the user is not able to pass traffic.
There are many possible reasons as to why the tunnel setup may not complete successfully or within a timely manner. This article only documents one possible cause. It is possible that other configuration issues on the server or client side may also result in this issue. 

In this case, Pulse Secure Desktop Client may not be able to install the JNPRNA drivers when the Windows INFCACHE.1 file on the client machine is corrupt.

This issue has been resolved in Pulse Secure Desktop Client 3.0R3+ and 3.1R1+. However, the following workarounds can also be implemented if an upgrade is not possible. (See Section 5.2.1 of the Microsoft device troubleshooting document for more information)

Option A:

Regenerate the INF cache ( by deleting it from the directory that contains the INF file. (Example: %windir%\inf\infcache.1) 

Option B:

If the file listed above does not exist:
  1. Check for the existance of the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion. The value 'DevicePath' should point to '%SystemRoot%\inf'
  2. If this entry is not in the registry or is pointing to another folder then add the following value to "DevicePath


    If there is already a value entered in DevicePath, additional values can be added separated by a semi-colon (";")
    %SystemRoot%\inf;<other values>
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